If those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, let this be a lesson to the TV producers of the present and future for all eternity: do not repeat Heil Honey I'm Home.

That is the ill-conceived title of an even more ill-conceived 1990 British sitcom which featured Adolf Hitler as its main character. Yes, that really happened, and it's one of the most bizarre, forgotten chapters of TV history.

Here's the full synopsis from IMDB: "In Berlin, 1938, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun have a love-hate relationship with their Jewish neighbours in this bizarre spoof of 'fifties American sitcoms."

Information is scarce, but according to IMDB this thing apparently aired for all of one episode before people (understandably) freaked out and the plug was pulled. Eight episodes were shot.

"Hitler," a bumbling husband in the vein of an Archie Bunker/Ralph Kramden type, with an accent that can only be described as 1940s Brooklyn guy, was played by Neil McCaul, who went on to such fame as playing "Conjoined Gnome Right" in Gnomeo and Juliet. 

The video, which is not funny, but is one of the most surreal things you'll ever see, makes you wonder how this thing ever jumped through the hoops required to get a series on the air without someone saying "woah, just woah."  

We have to believe whoever came up with the idea was somewhere behind the scenes laughing, wondering the same thing. 

[Via Reddit]