Just when you thought Craigslist couldn't get any weirder, an NYC poster from the Bronx decided to up the ante. The poster—who will be living in Japan for the next year as a part of a study abroad program—said that they want "to go out with a bang." As such, they're trying to host a "fun and ridiculous engagement" that will potentially feature "MUSCULAR" waiters who are down to dress up like Goku and all of his Saiyan buddies (or Krillin, if you're actually into that sort of thing). In terms of professional etiquette, the waiters will be expected to hold their serving trays "as if you were going to release a massive power attack." The pictures above are taken from the poster's original ad. 

There won't be compensation, but the poster does promise that they can, "make up for [payment] in free food and a good time." In closing, they wrote, "I am reaching out to those who have kind hearts who will do this at minimal cost to me in order to help me retain my money so that I don't go broke in Asia, but also so that I can leave America with a memorable experience." Of course, only those with six-packs need apply. 

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[via Kotaku]