College athletes who appeared in EA Sports' NCAA Football and NCAA basketball series could receive nearly $1,000 each per appearance if a new settlement in a long standing lawsuit is approved by a judge.

The $40 million settlement to be paid by Electronic Arts (EA) would result in about $951 per player, per appearance according to the player's law firm. The settlement covers games made by EA and branded with NCAA made after 2003.

Players never consented to have their likenesses in the game. EA got around this by using abbreviations for names although player's traits were exactly the same as in real life. Height, weight, skin color and uniform numeral as well as nearly every other possible trait were exact.

If a judge approves the settlement this could get EA out of the sticky situation that is the NCAA money game right now as other possible lawsuits include the selling of men's basketball tournament television rights, by the NCAA, for nearly $10.8 billion over a 14-year period.

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[via Polygon]