While Amazon made a big deal about being able to deliver products by way of drones in the coming months, it looks like those dreams won't be fulfilled anytime soon, for them, or anyone else who wanted to ride their coattails into the drone-filled future.

The FAA banned commercial drone usage within the United States, meaning, that they can't be used by businesses, and can only be used for recreational purposes, while remaining under 55 pounds. From the FAA memo:

If an individual offers free shipping in association with a purchase or other offer, FAA would construe the shipping to be in furtherance of a business purpose, and thus, the operation would not fall within the statutory requirement of recreation or hobby purpose.

So, sucks for Amazon and any other lazy consumers you can't bare the thought of leaving their house. Never say never though, with the right amount of influence, things may change. (Cha-ching, if you know what I mean.)

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