Most bartenders are going to react to your drink order the same way. Whether your order a Bud Light or a craft cocktail, you’ll get a smile and a “coming right up.” When they bring you your drink, they act like your best friend as they grab that credit card or make change for you with way too many singles. But haven't you’ve always sensed deep down that they are silently judging you throughout this process? If not, you should have.

Bartenders serve so many drinks that not only do they know how to make the most obscure concoctions, but they also know what sort of people drink them. What you’ve long suspected is true: Bartenders can tell a lot about you from what you drink, and that’s not always a good thing.

Here, four seasoned Los Angeles bartenders share what they can tell about costumers based on what you drink. What they said may make you reconsider your next drink order. Here are 10 Ways Bartenders Stereotype Based On What You Drink. 

(A special thanks to the bartenders, who've asked that their last names and workplaces be withheld. This roster includes Chris, 30, wine bar and restaurant veteran, Jen, 28, who started out at collegiate sports bars and now works at a well-appointed bar in Santa Monica, Liz, 32, who works at a popular restaurant, and Brad, 30, who has "bartended all over" and currently works at a neighborhood dive.)

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