Despite what you may think about its sequel, BioShock: Infinite and the now-closed studio Irrational Games, the original BioShock was a masterpiece. A game that rides the line between, shooter, survival horror and physiological thriller. It was also one of the most graphically impressive games in years. So what would an HD remake of the classic look like?

One YouTuber, an indie developer, who very kindly put some BioShock assets into the next-gen Unreal 4 engine. The resulting fan-made video is a real-time walkthrough of the damp atmosphere of the underwater city of Rapture and some misty close-ups of a Big Daddy.

Despite the fact that Irrational Games is now closed and creator Ken Levine has moved on, the BioShock license is still owned by publisher 2K Games who has declared that it will keep the series going in one form or another.

As a reminder here's a screenshot of the original game in action.

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[via Kotaku]