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UberFacts, a popular Twitter account with more than 6 million followers was hacked late last night, and the hacker had some pretty vulgar things he wanted to get off his mind. 

The Twitter account usually tweets out little facts that might be of interest — kind of like the bits of information you get under a Snapple cap, for those who like that sort of thing. The account's owner, Kris Sanchez, found out UberFacts was in control of the hacker a little after 10:30 PT, and tweeted this warning to the hacker:

Which, let's be honest, really wasn't going to happen. Then the hacker went about his way and began tweeting some things that are very NSFW, so you've been warned if you want to read further:

(The latter alluding to this guy.)


 As of this morning, Sanchez has his account back. No word yet if he's going to get his money.