Titanfall developer for the Xbox 360, Bluepoint Games, has announced that Titanfall downloadable expansions (DLC) for the last-gen console will lag behind other platforms, the Xbox One and PC.

The developer explained that once primary developer Respawn has finished the DLC that only then will Bluepoint modify them for the Xbox 360.

"Updates for the Xbox 360 will naturally follow behind similar updates for the PC and Xbox One," an update to the developer website reads. "Respawn must first finish their additions and improvements for the Xbox One and PC, and afterwords Bluepoint can then grab the latest and update the Xbox 360 version.”

"We're working with Respawn and Bluepoint to streamline the process and close the gap, allowing Xbox 360 updates to be published as closely as possible to Respawn's updates."

As of now it looks like this delay might be as much as a month. Bluepoint is still working on Titanfall's Content Update 2 which dropped for other platforms back in April. Respawn is set to release the game's first expansion later in May with Expedition, which is set to release on Xbox 360 later in June.

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[via IGN]