Just weeks before E3 - not that Take-Two or Rockstar will be attending, if history is anything to go by – Grand Theft Auto's parent company has renewed the long-standing trademark on Agent, a cold war game of some stripe that was to be a PS3 title announced in name only back in 2007.

Since that time no one has really seen hide nor hair of Agent, whatever it may be (although a Rockstar-polished cold war espionage and counter-intelligence type game set in the 1970s sounds like it might be really cool.)

The trademark renewal was filed May 21, and it certainly doesn't prove anything, since entertainment companies register and renew trademarks all the time to cover their bases. However, Take-Two did recently announce that they will be releasing a new game by March 2015, so Agent could be it (then again, it could also be a next-gen port of GTAV. Or a new Table Tennis.) After so many years (and filing extensions) it seems like Rockstar must want to do something with the game – it sounds totally up their alley anyway. Either way, we'll probably find out what's going on next month.

[Via VG 24/7]