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Sherlock fangirls around the world rejoiced this week when the show's stars Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss stepped onto the BAFTA red carpet and told the Radio Times that they were getting close to setting dates to shoot season four. (ICYMI, season three wrapped up in January of this year and viewers are already begging for more.) However, the stars wouldn't give many details. Screen Rant explained the reasons for the delay, as well as Gatiss' response: 

Due to their hectic schedules, getting these people together for long enough to make another season of the BBC’s beloved detective drama Sherlock is a bit of a tricky affair. Two full years passed between the first season and the third, and as yet there’s been no concrete information regarding when season 4 is likely to begin production.

“I can officially tell you that we are moving closer to agreeing some dates to shoot. If that sounds like a party line, it is. That is proper progress because Ben and Martin and Steven are so busy, but actually trying to get everybody to interlock is… we have made significant progress.”

Digital Spy also reported that Gatiss loosened his lips about the potential Sherlock one-off film that had been running through the rumor mill:

Gatiss revealed at last night's Arqiva BAFTA Television Awards 2014 that a fourth series is still "the plan."

"There was talk [of a single film, but] amongst people who have nothing to do with Sherlock, I'm afraid," the co-creator quipped.

So here's hoping the illustrious Cumberbatch can tear himself away from his busy life long enough to provide his loyal fans with another season of mystery, mayhem, and more heartwarming bro-mance between Sherlock and Watson.

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