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After reports surfaced of Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton leaving a Cannes club together after celebrating Busta Rhymes’ birthday, the internet nearly exploded with rumors of a potential coupling between the two.

It seems, though, that this is basically the opposite of what happened.

Apparently, Hilton did indeed go back with Bieber to his house. He was throwing a party, and had invited about 50 people over. However, Bieber was also bumping his own music to set the mood, something that Paris was not particularly fond of.

How much did she dislike it? She high-tailed it out of the house after about half an hour, declaring the party to be lame and not worth her time. But come on, we all know the real reason: she was probably just mad Bieber wasn’t playing Stars are Blind.

Sadly, it seems like this is a tabloid-dominant power couple we will never get to see come to fruition.

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