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The internet can be a cruel place. And, when you are best known for having had sexual relations with a pie, sometimes you have to do something outrageous to remind people you still exist.

And so it was that Jason Biggs—currently performing a small role in Orange is the New Black and apparently now an aspiring Twitter troll—came to Twitter Monday night to inject himself once more into the news cycle.

Apparently, Biggs is a fan (or at least casual viewer) of The Bachelorette, which premiered on Monday night. The season is dedicated to contestant Eric Hill, who died about a month ago in a paragliding accident after being sent home. It was made all the more sad on Monday night when we got our first glimpse at Hill, who actually seems like a genuinely nice and interesting guy.

Biggs apparently doesn’t care about any of that, and sent out the following tweets in reaction to the show:

Crazy rule change- instead of voting off the contestants, this season #TheBachelorette gets to kill them off.

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) May 20, 2014

Here's what I can tell you without watching- 8 of the 20 guys are in the closet, all of them workout, and 2 can do simple division.

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) May 20, 2014

And 19 of them are still alive. #TooSoon

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) May 20, 2014

Predictably, his followers have retaliated with lots of angry replies. In a smug act of douchebaggery, Biggs has spent the past 36 hours gleefully retweeting and replying to many of them on his timeline. He has made no apologies, nor does it seem like that will ever happen.

In a sick way, this type of buzz and attention was really all he wanted in the first place, and we will thus cease to talk about him. We'll leave you with this, which now seems quite appropriate:

[via UPROXX]