"Often I draw stuff and I have no idea what the gameplay would be," says Hohokum co-creator Richard Hogg. It's an interesting revelation for an equally thought-provoking game, a trippy freeform explorer where you control a long line with an eye on it, moving through various surreal environments bursting with color and strange life. There's no easy way to describe Hohokum, especially, apart from looking at the weird art aesthetic that seems to direct its essence. Thus, a behind-the-scenes look at the art of the game itself is probably the best thing Sony could have done to give you an idea of what Hohokum actually is.

"when you're making a game, you're making a piece of art. and the visual art side of it should be i think inherently part of that," Hogg says. Again, this rings true – especially given that Hohokum seems to be that bizarre kind of combination of indie art collective sensibility (Hogg has no prior experience making games) and that of co-creator Ricky Haggett, who takes care of the programming side of things (though as Hogg points out, Hohokum's development has become less about each person's limitation and more about the shared experience of making this strange creation together).

There's a good analogy about aesthetic tropes and vegetables Hogg makes, too. if you're a fan of artistic design, check this out. Hohokum hits PlayStation platforms this Summer.

[Via Youtube