Titanfall will get its first downloadable content pack, entitled "Expedition," this May. Developer Respawn Entertainment announced the DLC at PAX East in Boston.

The DLC will include three maps that take place after Titanfall's campaign. The first, "Swampland," will take place in alien ruins with plenty of trees and foliage for wall running. The second, "Runoff," will be filled with water. "War Games" will take place in the in-game training sim.

Polygon also reports that Respawn is working on "rifts and variants" of existing game modes that would be released for a limited time. if they are popular, the developer may consider making them permanent.

The pack will cost $9.99 on its own, or can be purchased as part of Titanfall's $24.99 season pass. It will be available on any system the game released on - the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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