The tech world and Hollywood have rarely interacted over the years, producing just a handful of hit-or-miss titles such as the spectacular The Social Network and the instantly forgettable Jobs. However, just because certain stories have gone boom and others have gone bust doesn't mean that there aren't still characters or events left in the tech industry that deserve dissection. The Internet and computer technology have given us a wide range of tales to be told over the past few decades, including the creation stories of tech behemoths like Google, and character studies like Silk Road's Dread Pirate Roberts

Indeed, there are plenty of stories still waiting to be written for the screen. It's just a matter of the filmmakers selecting the right ones. With how sprawling the Internet has become, it can be difficult to narrow down anything related to its wide-reaching parts. So, to point aspiring directors toward the proper path, here are 10 Tech Stories That Would Make Amazing Movies. Let's hope that we can watch them on the silver screen sooner rather than later.