It’s an unenviable task to try and outdo a classic, and it looks like NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby miniseries is going to be yet another victim of the remake bug. In the debut trailer for the two-part miniseries, we get a look at the flat tone and shoestring production values attached to the network’s attempt to outshine Polanski. With TV rivaling film now in scope and depth, it’s ironic that a televised version of one of the best horror movies ever could be so uninspired.

There is talent here with Zoe Saldana, Patrick Levin, and Jason Isaacs starring in the miniseries, but other than that, this trailer doesn’t show much to be excited about. The idea of a Rosemary’s Baby remake isn’t necessarily a bad one, but for the network to pump out something so cheap and pedestrian looking is a disappointment.

Hopefully this is just the result of a bad trailer and not indicative of what to expect when the first part of the miniseries debuts on May 11.

[via Collider]