Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Location: Targee St. & Sobel Ct. 
Neighborhood: Park Hill, Staten Island

Largely from Staten Island, the Wu-Tang Clan has proudly repped the neighborhood since their debut, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), helped East Coast hip-hop re-establish itself during the fall of 1993. 

LeRoy McCarthy, who created co-naming petitions for the Beastie Boys and the Notorious B.I.G., also started one for the Wu-Tang Clan District in Park Hill. "Through their individual careers, and [unity] as a group Wu-Tang Clan has been a dynamic force in music, arts, and culture," McCarthy wrote. "Through unpublicized actives over the years, Wu-Tang Clan has given support to many people and organizations in their childhood homes in the Stapleton Houses, and Park Hill."

Though all of them aren't from Staten Island, it's the neighborhood the group is the most closely associated with, proudly christening Staten Island "Shaolin," as a nod to their affinity for kung fu flicks. They've never been ashamed to let the world know they're "from the slums of Shaolin."

Wu-Tang's success in music, film and televisionas well as their Staten Island pridehave been key to the neighborhood's esteem. As a result, McCarthy's petition should lead to the Wu-Tang District becoming a reality. Considering that Ol' Dirty Bastard passed away 10 years ago this November, the timing is perfect.