Did you join in to Twitch Plays Pokemon? The result of programers figuring out how to write a simple script that used text from the chat windows on Twitch, the game broadcasting service, to interact collectively and play crowdsourced games. Well there is a game that is built just for this kind of Twitch play. It's called Choice Chamber and now it's the first game to be backed by Twitch.

Choice Chamber is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and Twitch is throwing its money behind the game offering to make of the difference in funding it needs when its campaign closes on April 20.

The Twitch community has already shown extraordinary enthusiasm for interactive games using Twitch chat," said Brooke Van Dusen at Twitch. “Choice Chamber is an excellent example of how developers can embrace this next-generation concept, so we are helping support this evolution of gameplay experiences in the age of social video.”

The game itself features a lone hero who, as the Twitch broadcaster plays, is effected and guided by what chat users will type into their chat windows. Either by helping the player with weapons and tools or by summoning enemies to defeat them.

Developer Studio Bean is hyped about the chance to get to a larger audience and recognizes it's reliance on the Twtich platform. “The game itself would not be possible without the convenience and simplicity of Twitch's broadcasting and chat features,” said Michael Molinari of Studio Bean, “...this whole dream wouldn't be happening were it not for their help and support.”

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