According to a Los Angeles Times profile, the person who's been arrested more than anyone else in Los Angeles over the past six years is a homeless grandmother. 

The woman, 59-year-old Annie Moody, has been arrested roughly 10 times annually for the past six years. She resists all efforts to move her into shelters, content to reside in her tent on skid row. This leads to a cycle of arrests, releases and returns to her beloved tent: 

That sitting and waiting has cost her: Moody has been arrested by Los Angeles police 59 times in roughly six years, according to LAPD arrest data — more than anyone else in the city.

The happy homeless present a conflict for the city: 

Friends believe police target her because she stands up for her rights. Police describe her as a homeless "anchor" whose defiance encourages others to remain in the streets, undermining efforts to clean up skid row.

So do they continue to waste time arresting and processing her or ultimately decide that it's not worth the effort and move on? It seems like the city will lean towards for the former (it has to remain clean to make that money, right?), even if they think arresting Moody again and again is futile. There might not be a "right" answer here, per se.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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