Major League Gaming (MLG) has revealed plans to build world's first eSports stadium. The MLG Arena will be a 15,000-seat stadium on Hengqin Island off the coast of popular gambling destination and Bond movie backdrop, Macau, a special trade zone of China.

In a partnership with two Chinese holding companies who are developing Hengqin Island into an $18 billion “Creative Culture City.” Included in this new culture center will be an expo area, gaming-themed restaurants (my fingers are crossed for the return of the Dark Souls Cafe) and gaming themed retail shops.

MLG says that Hengqin is an ideal location for its first stadium which will be located five minutes from Macau, 30 minutes from Hong Kong as well as close to five other major airports.

China has lifted its ban on consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but has yet to define which games will actually be allowed into the market. Regardless, gaming culture in China is massive. It was recently reported that there are now more Chinese gamers than there are citizens of the United States.

The MLG currently holds its competitions at convention centers around the country. No word yet if any companies have plans to build an eSports arena in the U.S. The MLG Arena is slated to be completed in 2017.

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