Conan O'Brien, our favorite pale comic giant, will host the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow night. It’s about time the Moon Man ceremony gets weird—intentionally, anyway—and more fun. There's no doubt Conan will deliver plenty of his bizarre comedy and dance like he doesn’t give a damn that millions of people are watching.

When it comes to charisma, intelligence and quickness, the late night host is unbeatable. MTV’s biggest fear might be that he becomes the most entertaining part of the whole show—which, of course, would be perfectly OK with the viewers.

Here are 5 Ways Conan O'Brien Will Make the MTV Movie Awards Suck Less.

Celebrities feel comfortable around him (See: Nina Dobrev, below), which should spare us of any awkward host/star interactions.

He's the king of saving bad jokes and failed bits through self-deprecation and acknowledging their lameness. And, let's face it, the MTV Movie Awards is never short on the lame jokes.


Jennifer Lawrence, a four-time MTV Movie Award nominee this year, is one of Conan's biggest fans. Safe assumption: the two of them will do something hilarious together and set the Internet ablaze.

The spectre of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog will hover over the festivities, keeping celebrities' egos in check.

And, if all else fails, you can bet good money that his immortal string dance will make an appearance. And that always gets the party started.

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