Classic shows are remembered by many things, including their theme songs. All That has one of the greatest theme songs ever—face it, you still can’t help singing along whenever the song blares through the nearest speakers.

The fact that TLC wrote and performed All That's theme makes it that much cooler. One of pop music's best-selling girl groups of all time, TLC (T-Boz, Chilli, and the late Left Eye) remained grounded and treated the cast like family, making several appearances on the show. 

Chilli: Brian Robbins connected us to the show, and the creation of the song was all on us. We were in the studio with this producer named Arnold Hennings. It was fun because he had his kids doing the “We’re All That!” and we'd be doing it with them. We did a bunch of different takes so it sounded really full.

Brian is a very talented man. Having a show cater to kids and also bring on different artists, like us, Aaliyah, and A Tribe Called Quest, to all those boy bands, Brian was on point with everything.

T-Boz: We just had a ball. On set, we had so much fun with the kids.

Chilli: It was as if we had known the [cast members] forever. Especially Kenan and Kel, because they kind of reminded us of ourselves. Between the two of them and the chemistry between the three of us, it was very natural and we were really happy to be working with them. They were excited to work with us too. It was a mutual feeling.

Mitchell: It was awesome that TLC did the theme song because I was already a fan of them. Me and my cousins used to watch their music videos. They were the hottest girl group around at that point, and then to actually meet them it was like, "I've got to tell my homeboys, 'Yo, I was kicking it with TLC.'"

Thompson: TLC was always my favorite back then because they're from Atlanta and I was just obsessed with them. I thought they were larger than life. I remember them being a big part of my childhood.

Reyes: I loved TLC! At the time, Left Eye wore her hair in knots. She tied these ribbons around them. I remember she gave me a ribbon off of one of her knots, and I was like, "I have the ribbon that was on Left Eye's head!" I'll never forget that.

Frierson: The most spectacular part of the show was putting these huge acts in front of kids and getting some positivity out of it. To see these acts on stage and not just in music videos opened kids up to whole new genres. It's hard to do that, and it shows how impactful our show was to attract some of the big names.

Everything about the show should be inspirational to the next generation of not only comedians and musicians, but to writers and producers. The crew was so in tune to hip-hop culture, and to music culture in general, that it was just amazing. The way they used music to relate to kids was way ahead of its time and shows the power of forward-thinking minds and what it can do for you.