If you haven't heard, Apple is coming out with a new iPhone this year. Well, not just one, but perhaps two different versions, with one reportedly clocking in at 4.7-inches and the other at 5.5-inches.

Last year's launch of the iPhone 5S was a total win for Apple (that gold one was hard to find for months), and the company is betting that people are going to want these next versions of the iPhone 6 so much that they might be raising the price $100. “Our checks indicate Apple has started negotiating with carriers on a $100 iPhone 6 price increase," says Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. "The initial response has been no, but there seems to be an admission that there is no other game-changing device this year.” 

"But we think this general lack of differentiation could be the reason why Apple may be able to get a price increase. Carriers realize that the iPhone 6 will likely be the only headline-worthy high-end phone launched this year and that they will lose subs if they do not offer it," he continued.

In other words: Apple doesn't care how cheap Android or Windows phones are, they believe they have what you want, and they want what they think you're willing to give up. Now it's just about negotiating with the carriers.

Would you pay an extra $100 for an iPhone?

[via Slate]