The Veronica Mars movie getting greenlit thanks to Kickstarter was a huge success story. When the campaign ended in April it broke a ton of records, and crushed its $2 million dollar goal by making $5.7 million in donations. Roughly a year later, it's still the third highest-earning Kickstarter of all time.

So, now that its officially hit theaters, how did the Veronica Mars film begin performing in theaters? According to Deadline, the film raked in $260K last night at midnight screenings. This may seem low at first glance, until you consider this little fact: It was only playing in 95 theaters, and it's a really niche film.

The movie will be played in 291 theaters this weekend, so numbers will likely expand. Creator and director Rob Thomas commented at PaleyFest that he'd be pleased if the movie earns $1 million this weekend. Though distributor Warner Bros. has a certain gross in mind that would warrant a sequel, Thomas said he'll be content either way.  

“I wrote the movie in such a way that if we don’t see Veronica Mars again, the audience will be satisfied in a way that season 3 did not," Thomas said. "I wanted to go down swinging on this series.”

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