Now that Shaq doesn't have to worry about his free-throw game, he worries about his Flappy Bird game instead.

The Diesel spoke at SXSW and admitted that he's so much on the hunt for the next hottest app that he spends about a $1,000 a week on apps. A THOUSAND A WEEK. Now we hope he was exaggerating a bit, because most apps go for $.99 or $1.99 (or free), so this guy would have to purchase close to six apps an hour, every hour of a given week, to get to $1,000, only to do it all over again the next. "I'm a nerd. I like seeing new technology," he said. 

He also admitted that he called up Steve Jobs before the iPhone came out to see if he could get an early unit, to which Jobs said no. No worries, though: Shaq plans to buy 50 iWatches when they come out

[via WSJ]