How's this for a majorly random fact: According to Aaron Paul, the star of the upcoming Need for Speed and, of course, the star of the dearly-departed-we-miss-it-already AMC series Breaking Bad, his chance meeting with Drake last month was a very informative one.

"I was in Paris and we were staying at the same hotel and I was looking for my car and it wasn't there," Paul explained to Vulture at a screening of Need for Speed. "And then Drake came walking around the corner and we see each other and he just opens his arms and is like 'No way!' Then he gives me this huge hug and he starts telling me how Rihanna got him into Breaking Bad."

The takeaway, here? Rihanna got Drake into Breaking Bad. See, we told you—random. Can anyone imagine Drake and Rihanna having Breaking Bad binge-watching sessions? 

Need for Speed is set to hit theaters on March 14.

[via Vulture]