Microsoft has unveiled a Kinect version 2 sensor for Windows PCs today that looks and acts just like its Xbox One brother. The nearly identical sensor will work the same way on PC as Xbox users have come to expect. The only difference being small aesthetic adjustment removing the Xbox logo and adding a Kinect label. The Windows Kinect also comes with its own power supply and USB hub.

Microsoft has no release date or price yet for the Kinect for Windows V2 but says that “we [are] getting closer and closer to launch.” Which is said to before the summer of 2014.

Image Via: Microsoft

So why is Microsoft bringing the sensor to PC? Given the current climate and speculations about Microsoft secretly developing virtual reality technology that would use the Kinect Sensor as part of the interface, this could be a step closer to launching a Windows-based VR that Microsoft hasn't yet announced. Or we could just end up yelling at our PCs, “volume down!”

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[via MSDN]

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