Police arrested a man who was caught sucking a woman's toes on camera at a North Carolina Walmart this week.

NBC Charlotte reports that Michael Brown, 31, allegedly approached 40-year-old Erika Porras at a Lincolnton, N.C. Walmart on Monday and asked if he could help her try on shoes. Thinking that Brown was an employee, Porras followed Brown to the shoe department. After telling Porras and her daughter, Kattie, that he was a podiatry student, he said needed to take a picture "for research" and promptly shoved her foot into his mouth. 

When she reacted the way most people would in that situation, Brown began apologizing all over himself, even offering to pay for her groceries. Porras fled to call her husband and police. 

Brown, who was convicted for breaking into a woman's home and sucking her toes in 2001, is a registered sex offender. He was arrested last night and charged with assault on a female.

[via NBC Charlotte]