Last summer, indie developer Destructeam released Gods Will Be Watching, a short, ethically horrifying Ludum Dare game about holding out for 40 days in the middle of the desolate post-apocalypse, facing disease, famine, paranoia and madness as resources dwindled. Against near-impossible odds, actually making it through to the end of the 40 days to be rescued forced players to make some really tough decisions.

Now Destructeam has decided to expand on the original idea of Gods Will Watching into a full fledged title, taking the original concept to (assuredly) new gut-wrenching new heights in six tense scenarios. There's not a lot of info that can be gleaned from this teaser, but from the looks of it, at the very least it appears you're going to have to make some hard calls on survival amputation and torture, among others. In any case, if it's anything like the proof of concept – and the original scenario looks like it's included here – it won't be for the faint of heart.

The game hits Steam this Summer.

[Via Youtube