Neighborhood: Fairfax
Address: 6333 W 3rd St., Stall #110
Perfect for: The Chef Residency

Dante is known as a nomadic fried chicken chef in these streets, and luckily for Los Angeles, he's serving up his latest creations at Short Order, located in The Original Farmers Market. For over ten years, Dante has been creating amazing food-related experiences, like the fried chicken and biscuits loft parties in NYC and his pop-up gourmet food trucks. He has been winning hearts with his creations on both coasts and abroad. His latest ride or fry incarnation can be enjoyed every Sunday in his "fried chicken blowout," with three options to indulge in his award winning flavors: waffle, sandwich or salad. I'd advise you to arrive on the earlier side as demand has become very high that they do run out.