Earlier this week, a Titanfall-related account tweeted that Respawn's upcoming mech multiplayer sorta Call of Duty successor would reportedly run in 1008p on the Xbox One. The account in question is tied to titanfallforums.net, where a post alleged the game would run at max resolution after two-pre-release patches the developers planned to implement.

While that may have been music to the ears of Xbox One fans disappointed by the recent spate of underperforming resolution (if only slightly) titles released for Microsoft's new console, Respawn head Vince Zampella shot down the rumor on Twitter following the supposed news.

When asked if the recent rumor was true, Zampella's answer was to the point: "No," came his terse reply.

Zampella didn't elaborate one what the resolution for Titanfall's console edition might be (or whether or not the resolution issues might be patched at a later date) but given that the game drops in less than two weeks it will be evident soon enough. Also: it should be noted that the naked eye can't detect the difference between 720p and 1080p in screens under 50 inches.

[Via Twitter]