Earlier this week, postal workers in Nashville, Tenn. were inundated with phone calls from an annoying customer who was suspiciously eager to receive a package. After finally finding the package, they learned why the frequent caller wanted it so badly: It reeked of marijuana, because it contained 10 pounds of weed.

The postal service called the police, who were waiting for 24-year-old Terrell Mills at the post office. Authorities also arrested 23-year-old Justin Deon Williams, who told them that he normally gets $100 a pound to pick up packages from the post office, but this time opted to pay Mills to do it.

Both Williams and his girlfriend, Abby Trevino, 18, were charged with conspiring to possess marijuana for resale, while Mills was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell. They're all guilty of being idiots.

[via The Huffington Post]