Steam, the online game delivery service from visionary company Valve has kicked-off a new beta allowing user to tag games with whatever they deem appropriate. Thus ignoring the first law of the internet: it's full of normal people who act like dicks online.

Tagging may be a great idea, allowing gamers to separate Steam's massive library into games like “female protagonist” or “walking simulator” but what about the less descriptive and less objective “Garbage,” “Not a Game” or even “fully functioning toilet?” It's all happening and those are just from the “most popular” section.

Tags need to have been applied often enough to generate a functional tag page, but even the most obscure are gaining ground. For instance the Tweet below and check out this Tumblr of actual Steam tags.

Crowdsourcing information is a great idea and having friends on Steam to share and their experiences with games is a great asset when deciding where to spend your cash, but does a “functioning toilet” tag really tell us anything about Duke Nukem Forever? Perhaps more than anyone would like to admit.

Some other disparagingly popular tags are “not Battlefield” on every game that - you guessed i - isn't Battlefield and an entire section of “not a game” like Gone Home which despite the tag is an award winning title.

That being said, these diversions seem to be mostly the minority. Users are tagging things in line with niche categories paying customers would like to see. The beta was surely designed to root out these massive troll campaigns by players obsessed with figuring out with Call of Duty game was their least favorite or cataloging every game that has Sun in the title. Stay tuned for more details and log onto steam to get straight-up weirded out.

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