So, by this point you've either heard of, or, directly experienced the grinding agony that is Flappy Bird.

The iOS game that puts players in control of a bird that has about as much business flying as we do running a daycare center. Frustrating, time consuming, and ultimately humbling, Flappy Bird has been at the top of the App Store charts for weeks. We can, in no uncertain terms, say this: fuck you Flappy Bird.

With your welcomingly vacant eyes that lure us all into a false sense confidence. Look at you, you've ripped those pipe designs straight from the NES version of Super Mario Bros. what challenge could you possibly present us?

Oh...well...if we knew that our high score was going to cap out at three, we would have tried a bit harder. Enter Squishy Bird. A cathartic browser game that allows players to take control of said pipes to crush AI controlled birds with a resoundingly satisfying damp squish. 

Hate Flappy Bird? Do yourself a favor and play Squishy Bird.

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