Instead of letting text messages and Snapchats be your main form of technological communication with your boo, it might be time to use different technology to keep things interesting. 

OhMiBod, a sex toy company, announced at CES in Las Vegas that they'll release vibrating women's panties that can be controlled using an iOS and Android app. The blueMotion Massager can be controlled by the wearer or someone close by via Bluetooth. "It's a really fun way to control vibrations without anyone knowing what you're doing because the remote is on your phone," said OhMiBod founder Brian Dunham. "Technology can drive couples apart, but this is using technology and gadgets to bring them closer together."

Users can even record sayings that can be used as a unique vibration. For example, you could record "Hey baby, let's go play," and that will be turned into a vibration pattern that will be sent to the panties. 

"The recording function gives you a lot of room for creativity," Dunham said. "It makes the whole experience completely customizable too."

The massager will be available for $129 and released in the summer.

[via Mashable]