In other “for what?” news, competitive eater Kevin Strahle, also known as the L.A. Beast, decided to up his edible threshold by consuming two whole cacti – yes, with the needles on them.

In the video, Strahle grimaces as he struggles to describe the pain of shoving the piercing plant in his mouth. Judging by his face after swallowing the last of the cacti, and subsequently turning off the camera, it’s safe to assume that he barfed it right back up in the following minutes.

Strahle was motivated by other rebel YouTube members La Fenix and Children of Poseidon, who also decided consuming a cactus was a brilliant idea.

You can find more of Beast’s work on his YouTube channel, including his infamous chugging of a 20-year old Crystal Pepsi (which you should most definitely watch at your own risk).

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