Google is the champ when it comes to wearable technology, and now they’re getting even more intimate with your body with medical contact lenses.

Inside these lenses are a glucose and wireless chips wedged between a “biocompatible” lens material where tiny electronics measure the glucose levels in your tears. This allows diabetics to monitor their condition without pricking their fingers with needles in order to draw blood. (Beause, I mean, who likes needles?) In the meantime, Google is looking to add medical professionals to enhance the product’s credibility as well as deliberating with the FDA to make sure the lenses are safe enough to place into a consumer’s eye.

There have been talks of numerous developmental tech contact lenses over the last few years, but because of Google’s popularity, this seems like the surefire product to legitimately impact the mainstream market who may be in need of it.


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[via TechCrunch]