Are you a huge Dark Souls fan? Do you happen to live in or have plans to visit Tokyo in the near future? Do you love food that looks like it could kill you? Well, bully for you – you're well on your way to having the necessary means to visiting Japan's own Dark Souls cafe.

For the rest of us, Edge has put up a cute little impressions piece of what it's actually like to go into the converted Oz Café in Nishi-Azubu, an Australian bar and restaurant that collaborated with From Software to make this strange and wonderful culinary complement to the Dark Souls universe. Inside, one could sip of Estus flasks (alcoholic or non-varieties) while supping on a variety of Souls-y dishes with a once-monthly rotating menu of specials, from Wyvern to Dragon cuts (oddly, kangaroo and crocodile, respectively) to, uh, Anor Londo's famed fish and chips.

Nearly everything has been reportedly stained black with squid ink powder as an appropriate accent to the Dark Souls Café's weathered parchment-style menus and an appropriately somber bonfire nestled in the restaurant's back (although presumably unlike how you might imagine the foodstuffs in Lordran, this cuisine won't kill you).

The specialty plates at the café change on the 3rd of every month, so you can hold out hope for being able to sample some delectable pan-fried pisaca or braised mimic. The café will be open until April 3, so if you can get over to Tokyo to try some Souls vittles, you probably should.

Via Edge