Square-Enix has given Bravely Default a couple of minor adjustments for the game's initial Western release, slightly modifying some of the game's more risqué costuming for the, uh, under 18-year-old cast. The game, which hit UK store shelves last month, changes some of the female character's outfits to reveal a little less skin than the original Japanese release while also changing their ages so that the characters in question are a little bit older, as seen (but given the chibi design aesthetic, perhaps not really noticed) in the left-to-right European-to-Japanese comparison above.

While the change hasn't been officially announced for the US release, given how game releases tend to work in North America – especially when dealing with something like the Japanese cultural tendency to fetishize what would be considered indecent content in America – it's highly unlikely that Bravely Default won't arrive on US shores with the same edits as the game's European release.

In any case, the modifications appear to be strictly cosmetic, and since Bravely Default's characters are reminiscent of Final Fantasy IX's, it doesn't really matter what age the characters are.

Bravely Default releases for the 3DS in America next month.