Saturday Night Live called in the big guns to cap off what's been a more or less consistently decent fall 2013: host and former cast member Jimmy Fallon and musical guest but-basically-co-host Justin Timberlake. Their comical chemistry is well documented at this point, but the surprise guests and headline-grabbing sketches didn't just begin and end with them. Paul McCartney, Madonna, and the real Barry Gibb all popped in and Jay Phaoraoh and Nasim Pedrad reprised their acclaimed take on Kanye and Kim for, what else, a "Bound 2" spoof. Let's get into the highlights.

The latest edition of "Waking Up with Kimye" didn't need Timberlake or Fallon thanks to genius gags like the Kardashian Kristmas Karrolers ("Thank you ladies, and Rob!") and the "Bound 2" video as a Christmas card. "All them other deers lame and you know it now."

Kenan reprises his Steve Harvey for another edition of Celebrity Family Feud packed with A-list impressions, and SNL cast member Brooks Whelan as himself, because the writers couldn't think of anyone else from NBC. Most notably, there's Justin Timberlake playing...Jimmy Fallon.

The night's biggest highlight though was just Fallon and the ladies of SNL, with a pop, Pussycat Dolls sounding ode to getting some at your childhood home during the holidays, i.e. doing it on your twin bed, in front of your creepy pets, and down the hall from your visiting uncle that everyone hates on the low. Accurate.

 Overall another solid offering from SNL. January 18 they return with Drake pulling double duty as musical guest and host. Have fun standing in line for tickets to that one.