Touchscreens might be the way of the future, in more ways than you'd expect.

Today, Samsung is in the business of doing anything you can think of before Apple can do it (like releasing a smartwatch and a curved screen smartphone), and the company's newest concept video shows us a world where Samsung has transformed just about everything into an Internet connected device. Here, things you probably never would have imagined having touchscreen, like a coffee mug, for instance, now have one—and the mug will be able to give you up to date information about your health (and will probably let you know if you're about to overdose on caffeine.) The video plays with the concept of "The Internet of Things," an idea that sees tech companies creating ways to connect everyday objects to the Internet, allowing objects like a car window to display relevant information for its users. A time when we will experience something like this isn't too far off, since there are a few companies outside of Samsunt, like Cisco, who are already toying with these ideas.

What's the craziest thing you'd like to see with a touchscreen?

[via Business Insider]