People love celebrating the arrival of a new year. It's deeper than an excuse to consume copious amounts of liquor; it's about growing a year older (and wiser, hopefully) and reflecting on the current year's accomplishments with eyes on the future. That, or being overjoyed about emerging from your worst year to date with your head above water. Regardless of which end of the spectrum people find themselves at, they still celebrate.

Ringing in the new year in D.C. isn't a parallel experience to, say, New York City, Las Vegas or even Miami, but people celebrate for the same reasons. The last day of the year often feels like the longest, stuck on 99.9 percent completion until the clock finally strikes midnight. People go all out, determined to cram 364 days worth of fun into one night while waiting in anticipation for the apex: The arrival of the new year. Whether you're in a Astoria Lounge or a Capitol Hill bar, you're there for the same reason.

With just a few days left in 2013, most people's New Year's Eve plans should be solidified. If, for whatever reason, they aren't, don't panic. Consider this last minute guide to New Year's Eve in D.C. your saving grace.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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