Leaving your wallet at the scene of the crime is a surefire way for a robber to get arrested. 

On Wednesday, Keith Ray Howell, 22 was arrested near Ocala, Fla. after he and an accomplice held up a convenience store. Unfortunately for Howell, he left his wallet in the store's driveway last Friday. A detective visited the address listed on his ID and found a grocery bag containing a ski mask on the front porch. So sloppy.

Authorities pulled over Howell's vehicle, taking him and two others in for questioning. During a search of his car, they found a pellet gun, black mask and latex gloves. Howell played the victim role, alleging that he knew nothing of the robberies. After telling police his wallet had been taken from his car, he changed his story, telling them he lost it.

He faces several charges including armed robbery and marijuana possession.

[via NBC New York]

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