Ron Burgundy has been getting a lot of screen time leading up to the Christmas release of Anchorman 2.

He's guest-hosting ESPN's SportsCenter this Thursday, and even went as far as calling Peyton Manning a "succulent baby lamb" leading up to the broadcast. Earlier this week Burgundy co-anchored a real news broadcast at the KX news station in North Dakota and the results were as perfect as a warm calzone on a winter's morning.

Yes, Burgundy is everywhere and he's even starring in a brand new iOS game that is 100% scotch based. Scotchy Scotch Toss is a game where players, according to Burgundy himself, 

"Simply toss ice cubes into my glass of Scotch and I'll offer neighborly encouragement. OR, miss your shot and I'll flog you like a petulant mule. Either way you're going to hear about it!"

We've got download codes to give away. Tell us your favorite Anchorman quote in the comments and we will be giving away one code a day from now until Sunday. Good luck and let's see what you've got.

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