Who said high school students weren't learning anything in school?

A team of students from West Catholic High School in Cedar Spring, MI., 3D printed a robotic hand and delivered it to 4-year-old Harmony Taylor, who was born without fingers on her right hand. The students, Tim Liu and Aimee Kalczuk, gave Harmony her new hand yesterday, along with a gift bag (which had pink nail polish) which Harmony was able to pick up using her new robotic limb. It took about six weeks to build, according to the team, and Liu spent two hours a night once a week working on it. "It is so great to be able do something that can change her life," he said. 

"I'm going to paint them pink," Harmony said of the new nails on the device, called Robohand

Betty Krzyszton, her preschool teacher, found the information she needed to 3D print the hand from a news article and YouTube videos. "A lot of people had told her no or that insurance wouldn't pay for it but I didn't want to take that for the answer," she said.

[via M LIVE]