While it may not be called Fallout 4 it seems that gaming media outlet Kotaku has received confirmation that series developer Bethesda has a new post-apocalyptic Fallout themed game in the works set in Boston.

The documents were for a casting call revealing pages of a script and narrative details as well as a single lonesome image of a game character. The unnamed source was called to a casting held by the same casting director who worked on other Bethesda  projects such as Dishonored and Skyrim.

While it has been assumed that Bethesda was working on something for the past year no announcements of new games have been made leading many to believe that a Fallout game and follow-up to the hit Fallout 3, was in the works. This is the first confirmation that it is actually in development.

A few weeks ago an apparent teaser website for a Fallout themed game appeared as TheSurvivor2299.com on Reddit. What turned out to be an elaborate hoax was so detailed that fans thought it had to be true. In later interviews the hoaxer claimed his reasons as a love for the game series and wanting to force Bethesda's hand to release new information on the game everyone assumes in being made.

“War, war never changes” is the classic opening line to Fallout games, appearing in Fallout 1,2, 3 and the introductory line of this script. Other hints point to the universe like the “Commonwealth” what New England is referred to in the series. Check out the documents in the gallery above published by Kotaku and hope Bethesda teases us with some goodies soon.

Could this be the result of the hoax? Kotaku reports they received these documents weeks ago, about the same time the latest hoax started. Do you think they're related and if so, is it time to fire up the Half-Life 3 conspiracy machine again?

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[Via Kotaku]

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