Swinging isn't for everyone. 

An off-duty member of the Olmos Park Police Department stands accused of shooting a "friend" several times following a failed attempt to swap wives. Officer Frankie Salazar and his pal, Jesus Edward Guitron, reportedly spent months on this plan, because the 29-year-old Salazar and 33-year-old Guitron are still both 19 at heart. 

One of the women said she and Guitron showed up at Salazar's San Antonino home on Saturday, then retreated to a bedroom to tongue each other down like teenagers after having a few drinks. Perhaps sensing something foul was about to go down, the 29-year-old woman changed her mind. Salazar's companion entered the bedroom around this time, angry that she hadn't been told about their plan. 

An argument escalated to a fight between Guitron and Salazar, and Salazar reportedly fired three shots, striking Guitron in his hands and chest. He was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical, yet stable condition. Salazar was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but was freed after posting his own bail. 

He's been suspended from the force until his January court appearance, and it's pretty safe to assume he and Guitron aren't cool anymore. It's pretty hard to forgive someone who shot you intentionally.

[via Gawker]

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