Back in 2009, first-time director Scott Cooper surprised the world with Crazy Heart, his directorial debut which earned Jeff Bridges a Best Actor Oscar. But after the release, Cooper went quiet. 

Last year, Christina Bale finished up his tenure as Batman. After delivering such an iconic and career-defining performance, many wondered where the Oscar-winning actor would head next. Another superhero movie? An indie? Maybe he'd take a break for a while?

As it turns out, Scott Cooper had been patiently waiting for Bale to finish up with Batman so that he could cast him in his next film, Out of the Furnace.

Set in Braddock, Pa. the crime drama sees Bale playing Russell Baze, a hard-working employee of the local steel mill who has always dreamt of a better life. If there's one shining spot in his droning existence, it's his brother Rodney (Casey Affleck). A war vet struggling to find work, Rodney is desperate for money and willing to do just about anything to get by. When he gets mixed up with the leader of a violent crime ring (Woody Harrelson) though, it's up to Russell to bail him out, even if it means risking everything that he's worked so hard for.

Recently, our friends from We Got This Covered had the chance to speak with Cooper, Bale, and Harrelson at the Out of the Furnace press day, to get inside the making of the last great thriller of 2013.

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