Some frustrated Xbox One owners have reported receiving refunds for their Battlefield 4 Premium services.

Many users were unhappy with the extra cash they shelled out, almost as much as the game, for the privilege of downloading content earlier than the average Battlefield 4 owner but many features of the Premium service came late, were inaccessible because of grinding networks or simply didn't work.

Electronic Arts and Microsoft announced in November that they were investigating the issues but no public results have been stated. While some angry gamers were able to get refunds for the service they are no longer Battlefield 4 Premium members, that has been revoked.

Developers, DICE, released the latest stability patch for multiplayer last week to fix many persistent, game breaking bugs still present in the game. Sadly the rough patch Battlefield 4 is experiencing overshadows the fact that when the game works, which is most of the time, it's incredibly fun but it's being bogged down by multiplayer issues.

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[Via Eurogamer]