The drug dealer hustle is very real. Once upon a time, dealers only worried about tapped calls or being pulled over. Now, they also need to worry about third and private parties reading through their text messages and emails, and the NSA remotely activating the cameras in their phones or computers. Granted, every human being connected to the Internet is subject to this, but drug dealers have something specific to worry about. Some dealers manage to stay one step ahead of police and federal agents by keeping their digital footprint at a minimum. Through multiple technological inventions, they're able to play it cool in a world where privacy is becoming more problematic each day.

If you're a beginner in the entrepreneurial field known as "street pharmaceuticals"—and even if you're not—you may find these devices, applications, and software useful in keeping you from going behind bars. But, even if you don't sell drugs, you can still use most of the stuff on here. Unless you enjoy having most, if not all, of your information available online. Here are the 10 Technologies Every Drug Dealer Needs To Stay Out of the Slammer.

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